Bulk Orders

Gaslight Books is capable of fulfilling bulk orders of both books and audiobooks for schools, organizations, events, or anyone else.

How It Works

Almost any book available on our online store can be fulfilled as part of a bulk order. Free shipping is available in select areas for orders of 25 items or more, and bulk order discounts are available as follows:

  • 5% off orders of 25 items or more
  • 10% off orders of 50 items or more
  • 15% off orders of 75 items or more
  • 20% off orders of 100 items or more

Our Bulk Order Calculator and Purchase Order Form make placing an order easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit our online store to see if the items you need are available.
  2. Fill out a Purchase Order Form to create your order and calculate a price. Follow the instructions on the form to get started. Discounts, taxes, shipping, and totals will be automatically calculated if you fill out the form digitally. If you prefer to fill out the form by hand, you can use our Bulk Order Calculator to calculate your price.
  3. Email your completed form to info@gaslightbooks.com. We will review your form for approval and get back to you within 1 to 2 business days.
  4. When your order is approved, you will receive an invoice that can be paid via check or PayPal. We will get started on your order as soon as we receive your payment.

If you have any questions about any step in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bulk Audiobook Orders

We offer a range of solutions for businesses and organizations looking to deliver audiobooks related to business, personal growth, diversity training, personal enjoyment, and more. Our bulk audiobook order program offers:

  • Bulk discounts
  • Custom solutions to fit organizational needs
  • Comparable alternative to Audible for Business
  • Digital fulfillment for fast, global delivery
  • Over 215,000 audiobooks, including bestsellers and bookseller-recommended favorites
  • Free iOS and Android apps for easy listening
  • No technology requirements besides computer and smartphone access
  • Uncomplicated set-up and no maintenance required