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      Gaslight Books

      Which parts of the book stood out to you?

      Are there any quotes, passages, or scenes you found particularly compelling?

      Where there parts of the book you found especially unique, out-of-place, or thought-provoking?

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      Casey Jo

      The line “Confidence is being okay being bad, not being okay being good”… Wow. That one got me to stop and contemplate before reading on!

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        Ethan B

        That was one of the most memorable lines for me as well. I think Billy shared a lot of pretty solid wisdom through the book, and it makes it even better that the interviewer he’s sharing with is his daughter.

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        Casey Jo

        I agree! I’m typically so immersed in a story line that I don’t pay much attention to the actual writing. This one has stopped me and had me re-reading some pretty powerful one-liners numerous times though!

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      “Music can dig, it can take a shovel to your chest and just starts digging until it hits something.” Daisy

      I felt like this entire book was a lot of raw emotion, and that the band was always digging deep for the right lyrics and meaningful songs. They wouldn’t even listen to their band members half the time for opinions because Daisy and Billy were so set on their own songs.

      At one point Billy said: “You can hear the smile in her words.” He was constantly describing how Daisy would put so much of herself into the songs. You could determine her place in life based on the words and expression of them, and not on her looks or anything visual.

      “It is what I have always loved about music. Not the sounds or the crowds or the good times as much as the words – the emotions, the stories, the truth – that you can let flow right out of your mouth.”

      Her lyrics were her opportunity to be transparent with the world.

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      “Passion is…it’s fire. And fire is great, man. But we’re made of water. Water is how we keep living. Water is what we need to survive.”

      I think we all need a fire to drive us toward the uncomfortable, exciting side of life. The unknown and beyond. It is all about taking a leap and seeing if it will work out. But the water is there to cool us off right before we are about to go over the edge.

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