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      Gaslight Books

      Which of Nora’s many alternate lives did you find the most interesting?

      Why do you think Mrs. Elm was the person Nora saw in the Midnight Library? Why was their relationship so important?

      Many of Nora’s alternate lives involved her becoming very successful in one particular field, such as swimming or music, at the expense of other aspects of her life. Do you think it’s possible for a person to achieve fame and fortune in a single field while still maintaining balance with the other important parts of their life?

      Why do you think Nora was not able to stay in the reality in which she married Ash and had a daughter?

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      Ethan B

      I think part of the reason Nora could not stay in the reality in which she married Ash was that she felt like it was not truly hers and that she hadn’t earned it. I think she may have also felt guilty because she knew she could have made that life for herself in her root life if she had only made a few decisions differently. I think that realization may have ultimately been the purpose of her experience in the Midnight Library, which led her to understand that her root life was still full of possibilities.

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      I think the most tired trope I always cringe at is inventing a fake element that happens to have incredible plot-filling properties. Why does this work? Because new element does anything we need it to

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