Gaslight Books is a bookstore locally owned and operated in Buckhannon, West Virginia by Ethan Butler and Justin Dynes. Our online store is available now, and we are working toward opening a storefront in downtown Buckhannon. We have big plans for the future, and we are deeply grateful for your support along the way!

Our Plans

We believe that a good bookstore serves as a community hub, and that Gaslight Books will be an excellent addition to Buckhannon’s thriving downtown area. Our immediate goal is to raise enough funding to open a retail shop where we will sell books, serve tea, and maintain a small space where we will host book clubs, youth programs, game nights, and more.

Our storefront will house a curated collection of new books of all genres, with the goal of adding a rotating selection of used books that will be available for those who are looking for a bargain – or those who enjoy searching for hidden literary gems. We will offer a large collection of loose-leaf tea, which we will brew and serve in-house or sell by the ounce. You can take a look at our prospective tea menu here.

How You Can Help

We may not have a physical location yet, but our online store offers a massive catalogue of physical books, and our audiobook store has all of the features and selection you’re used to from other services. Every single physical book and audiobook sold on our online store brings us one step closer to fulfilling our goals. The next time you purchase a book online, we hope you will consider supporting us!

Our first online book club will launch in June 2021, and sign-up will be available in the near future. We will feature a new book each month and hold exclusive online discussions. Online book club membership is completely free, but we hope you will choose us as a source for your monthly books!

You can also get involved by engaging with us on Facebook and Instagram, following our blog, and spreading the news to your friends and family.

Finally, we are seeking local investors to assist us with the initial costs of opening a storefront. If you are interested, you can learn more about our business and get in touch here.