Camila is my favorite character from the book. She’s so loyal and decisive. She just decides to love Billy and that is exactly what she does. She is unwavering and protective and nurturing. She is all that I hope to be; I am sure that is what her character is meant to inspire. How she ultimately handles Daisy brings all her best traits to light. Whats better yet, is Daisy knows that Camila’s intentions are pure for both her family and for Daisy, too. Camila “banishing” Daisy was truly the single greatest act of love that Daisy had experienced within the story.

I am not sure what character I relate to the most; maybe Billy. When I am passionate about something, I tend to become a tad bit of a control freak. I am finding that I can be pretty blind to how it affects the people around me until it’s too late.

Reid’s created some very believable characters that are easy to grow attached to, root for, and to genuinely care for. If you’ve read “Looking for Alaska,” then you may have noticed the similarities between John Green’s Alaska Young and Daisy Jones. Both girls are self-contradictory. Both tough as nails and soft; both emotionally independent yet starving for connection; biting at the bit for their destinies while at the same time feeling like imposters with their talents and knowledge.