Gaslight Books is seeking local investors to assist us with the initial costs of opening a storefront. Learn more about our company below, and get in touch via the investors contact form on this page to view our business plan or to schedule a meeting.

About the Company

Our mission is to cultivate our community by providing our customers with new books and ideas; quality tea; and a welcoming space for fellowship and education.

Gaslight Books is a retail shop that sells books, tea, and tabletop games. We plan to offer a curated selection of thousands of books, a tea room stocked with over 35 varieties of loose-leaf tea leaves, and a community space for hosting book clubs, author presentations, workshops, performances, game nights, and community events.

Gaslight Books is a limited liability company operating in Buckhannon, West Virginia. At the time of its creation, Ethan and Justin, the owners, have equal ownership with 50% of the company apiece.

About the Owners

Gaslight Books is co-owned by Ethan Butler and Justin Dynes. While both of us coordinate to make large-scale business decisions and plan programming, each of us has a unique set of responsibilities for day-to-day operation.

Ethan’s responsibilities include curating our book collection, coordinating events, managing inventory, overseeing our website, and designing graphics. His background as a web and graphic designer allows the company to maintain a strong digital presence at little cost.

Justin’s responsibilities include managing finances, maintaining social media presence, organizing education programs, and overseeing the preparation and sale of tea and other beverages. Justin’s years of experience as an elementary teacher and a barista give him a unique background that aligns perfectly with our company’s mission.

Get in Touch

To contact us and learn more about Gaslight Books, receive our business plan, or set up a meeting, please use the form below.