It’s Pumpkin Season, Baby

It’s pumpkin season, and it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite gourd. Here are a bunch of books about pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Cookbook

We love cooking with pumpkins, and this book has plenty of creative ways to keep you cooking all the way through pumpkin season.

Pumpkin Pumpkin

This classic autumn children’s book is about a boy who grows his own pumpkin and then carves a face into it.

Crochet Your Own Festive Pumpkin

We’ve always wanted to crochet our own pumpkins, and now we can! And so can you! If you need us, just follow the sound of our crochet needles!

101 Things to Do with Pumpkin

Have you run out of ways to use all of your pumpkins? If so, this book has got you covered.

The Pumpkin Lover’s Cookbook

Even more ways to cook with pumpkins? Where do we sign up?! (Warning: True pumpkin enthusiasts only)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin: Folklore, History, Planting Hints and Good Eating

This book is full of all the wisdom and history you need to truly live the pumpkin life.

Christopher Pumpkin

Christopher Pumpkin is built different from all the other pumpkins in his brood. Can he learn to be spooky and also be himself?

Pumpkin Skulls and Other Silly Things

This isn’t your dad’s pumpkin carving book. Chisel fun and spooky faces out of those good gourds like Michelangelo with a slab of marble.

Pumpkin Island

Somebody look up the next boat to Pumpkin Island, because we would like to buy some one-way tickets!

Death by Pumpkin Spice

How can something that tastes so good make you dead? This book has really given us something to think about.

Pick a Pumpkin

We love picking pumpkins – the hard part is getting us to stop!

Pumpkin Cat

We haven’t read this one yet, but we’re already in love with Pumpkin Cat.

Growing Giant Pumpkins

This one is packed with secrets to grow your pumpkins to the size of a big ol’ truck.

Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party

Mr. Pumpkin is having a tea party, and you’re invited. You’d best believe we’ve already RSVPed.

The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever!

If you’ve already read this one, please don’t spoil the surprise.

Too Many Pumpkins

Someone shelve this one under fantasy, because there’s no such thing.

The Pumpkin War

Learn the brutal history of the Great Pumpkin War, its heroes, and the principles they were willing to put aside for the sake of victory. But at what cost?


We’re pretty sure this one doesn’t have any actual pumpkins in it, but we’ve heard it’s still a pretty good book.

Pumpkins, Paws & Murder

It’s not often that a book has us hooked based on its title alone.

Wood Carving Caricature Pumpkins

Who is this even for?