Our prospective tea menu and price list is below. Selection and prices are subject to change. We will serve brewed tea by the cup and loose leaf tea by the ounce.

Each cup is 10 liquid ounces and can be served hot or iced. Sugar, artificial sweetener, honey, lemon, milk, cream, and macadamia nut milk are available at no additional charge. Steamed milk and steamed macadamia nut milk are available for an additional charge of $1.00.

Tea leaves can be purchased by the ounce. A 15% bulk discount is available when purchasing 8 ounces or more of the same variety of tea. Custom sampler packs of five tea varieties can be purchased with a combined 15% discount.

Black Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
Apricot Black$2.50$2.00
Blue Lady Black$2.50$2.00
Cinnamon Orange Spice Black$2.50$2.00
Decaf Breakfast Black$2.50$2.50
Earl Gray Black$2.50$2.00
English Breakfast Black$2.50$2.00
Ginger Peach Black$3.50$3.00
Irish Breakfast Black$2.50$2.00
Mango Black$2.50$2.00
Passionfruit Black$2.50$2.00
Prickly Pear Black$2.50$2.00
South Indian Black$2.50$1.75
Toasty Almond Black$2.50$2.00

Herbal Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
African Rose Herbal$2.50$2.00
Blueberry Herbal$2.50$2.00
Chamomile Herbal$2.50$2.00
Citrus Hibiscus Herbal$2.50$2.00
Kiwi Strawberry Herbal$2.50$2.00
Peppermint Herbal$2.50$2.25
Prickly Pear Herbal$2.50$2.00
Raspberry Herbal$2.50$2.00
Seven Seas Herbal$2.50$2.00
Vanilla Spice Herbal$2.50$2.00

Green Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
Gunpowder Green$2.50$2.00
Japanese Sencha Green$3.50$3.75
Jasmine Sunset Green$2.50$2.00
Moroccan Mint Green$2.50$1.75
Tropical Green$2.50$2.00
Young Hyson Green$2.50$1.50

White Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
Dragonfruit White$3.50$2.75
Madagascar Coconut White$3.50$3.25
Shou Mei White$2.50$2.25
Sweet Peach White$2.50$2.50

Chai Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
Black Chai$2.50$2.00
Herbal Chai$2.50$2.00

Oolong Tea

TeaCupLeaves per Ounce
Formosa Oolong$3.50$4.00
Green Dragon Oolong$3.50$4.00

Coffee & Specialty Drinks

Chai Latte$3.50
London Fog$3.50