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      Failure to follow these rules will result in message deletion, temporary account suspension, or permanent account deletion.

      1. Be kind and respectful. It is okay to disagree and to debate, but it is not okay to be mean or verbally hostile to others.
      2. Post comments to relevant topics. For example, do not discuss in detail books other than the month’s featured book under the featured book’s topic. This helps keep the discussion focused and engaging for everyone.
      3. Respect privacy. Do not ask for personal information from or about other users.
      4. Keep profanity to a minimum. We encourage personal expression, but we ask that you help us keep our forum open and inviting to all. Racial slurs and hate speech will not be tolerated and will result in permanent account deletion.
      5. Do not post links to sources that are explicit in nature or potential security threats.
      6. Do not post links to books from other online retailers. While we fully encourage you to borrow books from your local library, friends, or family, or purchase books wherever you see fit, Gaslight Books is a business, and we will encourage sales from our own website as often as possible.
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      Gaslight Books

      For questions or more information, contact Gaslight Books here.

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